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Harness Styles

Their are a few different styles of Harness.  Work/pulling, pleasure/driving, and show.  To decide what style of harness you would like one has to consider what they are hoping to do with the horse in harness..

Work or pulling harness usually uses a collar and hames.  The draft of the collar is wider to disperse the pressure over a bigger area.  The harness itself is heavier made with wider straps.

Pleasure/Driving Harness is finer and lighter all the way around,  Think of it as a harness to go to town with to allow a faster gait of travel and show off your horse.

Show Harness, can either be heavy or fine.  It is usually quite flashy, decorated with ornaments and accented to have a certain look in mind.  It is very eye-catching but not to take away from the horse but enhance it's stronger features.

Our site has work harness in three types plain, moderately spotted and parade.  We also make a team driving harness with collar and harness or one could get the please breastcollar harness with a convert for double,  .


The decision on the style of harness has a lot to do on what you are using it for but also to have the look you want,  If our  regular harness styles do not quite suit your idea one con have a harness made to order.

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