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Material Type

TnT Harness & Tack is a Harness Shop specializing in hand crafted leather, biothane, graimond, and nylon harnesses and accessories. Our team of seasoned professionals are dedicated to creating custom pieces of the highest quality for our customers. To help you decide what type of material you would like your harness or tack made from

here is a comparison of the four types of material we use


We use Herman Oak Leather in all of our harness, tanned is the USA We have found it to be consistent in quality.  It is hot stuffed with oil, easy to work with and very durable.  Harness made of leather is the heaviest in overall weight in any harness. but forms to any horse easier than other products  It is the age old material used in making any harness or tack.  When properly cared for it will outlast any other material we use in making harness.  That being said it requires washing and oiling on a regular bases to maintain it's supple quality and maintain it's longevity  Harness leather comes in black or russet (brown).


Biothane (shinny):

Biothane is a shinny coated webbing, manufactured in the USA by BioThane USA.  It is vary strong, water resistant, does not stretch and comes in a verity of widths from 1/2" to 2". and colors  It is medium in weight of the materials, easy to wash with soap and water. It has to be stitched into shape for it does not mold into shape and has no give.  Harness or tack can be made in different colors or have accents or overlays to create a unique design


Griamond (matte)

Griamond (is a combonation of granite and biothane) has all the characteristics of biothane just a different finish which is more scuff resistant than that of granite or biothane. It runs a little higher in cost in comparison to biothane.

Nylon (most commonly used in halters)

Nylon is lightest in weight and most economical in price.  Needs to be kept clean in order to maintain it's supple characteristic.  Easy to maintain, can be washed with soap and water or even pressure washed.  It is strong and durable.  It however absorbs water so needs to aired out to dry after being used or washed.  Comes in many colors so harness and tack can have accents or overlays to create a unique look


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